Guillén sends new container chassis semitrailers to Qatar

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Guillén Desarrollos Industriales, S.L.U. continues its commercial expansion and it starts to consolidate itself in the lately opened exports market, one example is Qatar, where we have sent a new batch of container chassis semitrailers.

A few weeks ago, Guillén ( attended new orders of semitrailers from Qatar, specifically, for the same customer to which we had already sent units in 2014. For the company, “it’s a very good sign that in these new markets, that clients take in count positively the options our semitrailers offer in terms of quality, resistance, reduced weight, durability and maintenance level, as well as the facilities that we offer when sending the units, the logistics, advice and post-sale service”. And, above all, “it’s a huge satisfaction that a client continues buying our products, due to the good results that the Guillén semitrailers gave him”.

The order is made up of flat container chassis semitrailers, specifically the PC-40 Flat Multi 8 model, suitable for the transport of 1 x 40’ or 2 x 20’ containers, and the PC-20-3ES Tipper model 3 axles container chassis semitrailer for tipping bulk transport containers.

Guillén Desarrollos Industriales S.L.U. is Group Guillen’s branch in charge of the design and manufacture of the most advanced curtain siders, dry freight vans, reefers as well as different types or configurations of fixed container chassis semitrailers of the market.