Guillen Group introduces a new lighter refrigerated semitrailer

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NEXT-rent, the renting and leasing company of Guillen Group, which continues on its growing and diversifying path, has introduced a new lighter refrigerator semitrailer to its fleet, which has a starting initial death weight of 7,300kg. The mono temperature semitrailer series of the X Light range made by entails a really important loss of weight in comparison with the majority of the refrigerated semitrailers.

For Guillen Group (, with this addition to our products we were looking to “offer the client an option to increase the payload in each journey for the same costs of petrol and emissions, or a decrease in the petrol amount used to carry the same load as before compared to other refrigerated semitrailers as well as a smaller weathering of the wheels due to less support and drag of the semitrailer”.

NEXT-rent has chosen a reinforced version of the refrigerated model, fundamentally orientated to the distribution and logistics sector. The new model with an initial death weight of 7,300kg. its homologated according to EN-12642 code XL and also integrates the new 3 sensor TailGuard system, which automatically immobilizes the semitrailer in an autonomous way, at the programmed distance away from the loading dock or whatever obstacle which interferes with the vehicle when moving in reverse gear, avoiding any damages and unscheduled stops of the semitrailer. As it happens with the rest of Next-rent’s fleet, the X Light semitrailers include the highest security and prevention standards, such as the axes with Ø430mm. disk brake, the EBS brake system with R.S.S. and wear pad sensors connected to the EBS, among others.

The Next-rent fleet is formed with the most technologically advanced semitrailers of the market. It provides a wide range of semitrailers like Curtain Siders, Dry Freight Vans and reefers as well as Fixed and Extendable Container Chassis Semitrailers in different configurations and also ISO Containers, as well as other logistical solutions such reach stackers, terminal tractors and whatever other logistic assets complementary to the ranges listed.