Guillen releases the G-LIG, a new lighter and resistant Curtain Sider semitrailer

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Guillén Desarrollos Industriales S.L.U., company within Group Guillen responsible for the manufacture of the Guillen brand semitrailers, has released the G-LIG to the market, the lightest semitrailers ever designed and manufactured by the company. We are talking about a new innovatory model of the Curtain Sider, which starts with an initial Death Weight of 5,400kg, which means a considerable reduction of weight compared to the actual semitrailer.

The new G-LIG, which will substitute the  model G110, a total reference in the semitrailer sector due to its resistance and durability, is the result of all the experience and knowledge acquired and applied by Guillen during its more than 120 years of history and in the technology of high strength materials. From Group Guillen ( we highlight that “we targeted to increase the level of our G110  model with, at least, the same resistance and durability but with an important weight reduction. And not only we’ve achieved to reduce 600kg of the semitrailer, we’ve also reduced the size of the semitrailers neck to a total of 100mm”. Also, we explain the reason for its name: “We’ve wanted to pay tribute the main driver of our Group, Mr Luis Ideal Guillén, who past away the past 4th of August 2015, and give his initials LIG to our best semitrailer”.

G LIG’s Characteristics

The new G-LIG, starts with a low initial Death Weight of 5,400kg, 600kg less respect to its older version the G110, which will allow the clients to improve its competitiveness due to being able to increase the load capacity approximately about 2.6%, having in mind the actual legislation or, on the contrary, if the load isn’t increase and the same activity is performed, you’d be able to decrease the amount of petrol consumption and decrease the weathering of the tyres.

Also, the G-LIG  counts with a high resistance floor according to ENV-1995-1-1 (fork lift truck axle weight 7.100kg.), maximum separation between cross members of 382mm., extended rear end crosspiece with integrated floor protection for docks, Ø430mm. disk brake axles and hot dip galvanized once the chassis structure is completely finished.

Guillén Desarrollos Industriales S.L.U. is Group Guillen’s branch in charge of the design and manufacture of the most advanced curtain siders, dry freight vans, reefers as well as different types or configurations of fixed container chassis semitrailers of the market.