Guillen releases the Dolly EVO

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Guillén Desarrollos Industriales, S.L.U.Group Guillén’s subsidiary responsible for the manufacture of the brand’s semitrailers, presents the new Dolly EVO model, a special vehicle with new improved characteristics and functionalities respect to its older Dolly version. The Dolly EVO, which has already been launched into the market, counts with a weight optimization and starts with an initial Death Weight of 2,310kg.

In the past few months, Guillén has started its own rEVOlution coinciding with the 120th anniversary of the Group, which implies, among other aspects, the launching of new products into the market. From Guillén, we point out that with the Dolly EVO “we’ve wanted to join efforts and put into practice our experience and knowledge acquired through our R&D, purchases, production, human resources, logistics, and sales departments to renew our Dolly model –which has been manufactured since 2006 and marketed exclusively in Scandinavia- and achieve to develop and manufacture the newer and more versatile Dolly EVO model, with an initial weight optimization and an increase of the vehicles’ configurations”.

The Dolly EVO is orientated to the known Euro Modular combinations (E.M.S.=Euro Modular System), and it starts with a minimum Death Weight of 2,310kg equipped with Ø430mm disc brake axles. Also, the weight includes all the required equipment for this type of model, such as a last generation E.B.S. with Roll Stability System, CAN bus repeater and trailer control valve, as well as the inclusion of an 18 tonne turning table with a manual blocking installed under the 5th wheel for the improvement of the manoeuvring. As well, the Dolly EVOcounts with the hot dip galvanization treatment, a technic, which is already a characteristic in Guillén for the Dolly EVO’s protection and guarantees its durability.

Another of the Dolly EVO’s characteristics is its capacity of multiple combinations. You can choose from a base height for the 5th wheel, which starts from the 950mm for Mega semitrailers, or instead the options for the Maxi and normal semitrailers, as well as its adaptation options to the different heights of the towing truck, depending on each other necessities. Likewise, it can be configured with self steering axles to increase the manoeuvring of the model and the telematics for semitrailers among others.

Guillén Desarrollos Industriales S.L.U. is Group Guillen’s branch in charge of the design and manufacture of the most advanced curtain siders, dry freight vans, reefers as well as different types or configurations of fixed container chassis semitrailers of the market.