PC-45 / 40-HC X Light Fixed

PC-45 / 40-HC X Light

The ideal container chassis semitrailer for those who combine the transport of 40 'and 45' heavy containers or reefer thanks to the patented swiveling container anchorage arm.

PC-40 MULTI 12 Fixed

PC-40 MULTI 12

The multi functional container chassis semi-trailer for the most demanding jobs, light and reinforced at same time. Prepared for the transport of containers of 20 'and up to 45'

Freezers Reefers


The Freezer semi-trailer is the ideal tool for controlled temperature logistics companies as well as for long-distance carriers, in the reinforced versions for distribution, mono or multi temperature, as in the X Light series as for the quantity of possible configurations that adapt the semitrailer to any need.

PC-40-HC X Light / PC-45-HC X Light Fixed

PC-40-HC X Light / PC-45-HC X Light

The series of fixed container chassis semi-trailers for 40 'or 45' containers are the perfect tool for those who need to transport heavy or reefer containers.

PC-20 3ES / PC-20 3ES TIPPER Fixed

PC-20 3ES / PC-20 3ES TIPPER

The series of 3 axles 20’ container chassis semi-trailers fixed or tipping are the perfect tool for those who are engaged in the transport of heavy 20’ containers or need to tilt them for unloading.

DFV Dry Freight Van


The DFV semitrailer has the chassis in common with the G-110 curtain sider, which gives such good results. A Dry Freight Van for demanding jobs with a surface protection prepared to withstand in the most adverse climatologies.



The Dolly Evo is the perfect complement to the E.M.S. (25.25 / Megatruck / Euro Modular Systems) to meet the high requirements of Maneuverability and Masses and Dimensions.

G-LIG Curtain Slider


The high-strength G-LIG light semitrailer is the result of the experience and knowledge of high strength (fine grain) steel. A completely new semitrailer emerged from the evolution of our more than tested G-110.

PC IDEAL Extensible


The lightest extandable container chassis semitrialer. Suitable for all containers types or swap bodies.

Second Hand

Si deseas solicitar un presupuesto escríbenos un correo a atencioncliente@guillen-group.com

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